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  • Experienced Trainer
  • Obtain CEU – Continuing Eduction Units
  • Approved by Emploie Québec


Nonverbal communication analyzes human expression through postures, gestures, eye contacts or hidden emotions. Nonverbal communication represents 55% of all communication.

The course aims to provide the ability to read nonverbal signs and therefore, improve  interventions. This training will allow you to convert intuitive reading into a methodical and systematic reading skill. Adequate nonverbal reading helps decode nonverbal gestures, understand emotions, detect lies, and reveal unspoken thoughts, while improving the quality of communications. Enhance your professional skills with over a dozen tools and 400+ gesture meanings.


The nonverbal communication training will provide skills to help:

  • Reveal unspoken thoughts through body movement analysis and understanding
  • Identify and understand the difference between signs of openness and closure, and signs of aggression
  • Understand speaker behaviour in contexts such as staffing, evaluation, intervention, negotiation, etc.
  • Rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses of applicants and future employees
  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of nonverbal behaviours in applicants and employees


  • The importance of reading nonverbal cues in the interview process
  • Understanding reading rules and key focus areas in communication
  • Reading the handshake in 15 points (in addition to firmness)
  • Exploring the 9 axes of the head and understanding their role in communication
  • Observing the 9 positions of the body on a chair
  • Reading the 12 types of hand positions in communication
  • Understanding the difference between open and closed crossings – Arm and leg crossings do not necessarily convey closure
  • Understanding the meaning and importance of “self-contacts” (itch & scratch)
  • Etc.

Nonverbal communication constitutes an essential tool for efficient organizations.

50+ videos included in training!

For registration, please contact: Chris Martineau | | (514) 943-8383

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