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Forces Armes CanadienneCSSTAstraZeneca

CQCDMUHCJustice Quebec

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desjardins Ubisoft






  • Desjardins
  • Ubisoft
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Private Investigation Services Government of Canada
  • Detention Agents – House of Detention
  • AstraZeneca sales departement
  • CQCD – RH group
  • Justice Quebec
  • CSST
  • Quebec Bar Association (Continuing Education)
  • Junior Bar of Quebec
  • Law officers of the Crown
  • McGill University Health Centre
  • Education ministry
  • Centre d’expertise des Grands Organismes
  • Assoc de l’industrie des aliments Surgelés du QC
  • CEGEP de Terrebonne


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