Non-Verbal 360° is an fantastic discipline in the interpretation of body language andgestures.
Non-Verbal 360° is a method of reading the non-verbal communication.
Non-Verbal 360° is a discipline in the field of communication.
Non-Verbal 360° allows you to decode the body language, understand what emotions are related to the
movement, detect a lie and reveal what remains unspoken. Above all, it gives you an improved quality
in human communication.

The method allows you to decode body movements, understand the related emotion, detect a lie and reveal
what remains unspoken, while at the same time improving the quality of your communication.


Discover non verbal communication and body language! | Non Non-verbal communication position Each new piece of non-verbal information (gesture, attitude, micro-movement) is stored in numerical data bases containing several tens of thousands of video sequences. It is then compared to the same gesture noted repeatedly on other occasions and in other significant contexts. The meanings and contexts are then compared in order to reinforce the validations.

A method of validation of knowledge recognized scientifically The principle of refutability, commonly used in pure sciences, is applied in Non-Verbal 360°. According to this scientific principle, it is not possible to prove that this fact is true. However, by opposition, it is possible to prove that this same fact is false, when it is.

All the propositions of Non-Verbal 360°are scientifically acceptable and admissible. They have all successfully passed the test of refutation.

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Non-verbal communication (body language) is our true passion. We offer all the necessary tools to read the non-verbal as well as the emotions. Please take advantage of our free examples and free exercises to practice. Finally, in order to make your staff more efficient, our speakers or our professional trainers can offer you a conference or a personal training program that truly fits your needs. A book is also available. Our passion takes us wherever you want, anywhere in the world. is the solution!